Esdha aims to reduce common AI failures to  maximise your ROI

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We are dedicated to support you in your AI journey

Esdha provides research-based tools, templates, guidance and training, by studying use cases and best practices to increase your return on AI investment (ROI).

We help you to bridge the gap between business, users, and technology to better understand where and how AI can be used to increase ROI.

AI product & service use case development in 10 days
Leverage knowledge base with use cases & tools to accelerate & maximise ROI 

Uncover AI opportunities and create AI Strategy, plan and roadmap

We can successfully work together to drive lasting change for your business

Our management

Dr Anandhi Vivek Dhukaram


Passionate & enthusiastic about sharing research-based guidance to maximise AI ROI
Responsibility: Help clients to realise and maximise value from Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
Experience: 20 Years
Education: PhD in Cognitive Systems Engineering & MBA from the Warwick Business School
Phone: +44 7881434444

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AI Business Case for healthcare, finance, insurance, eCommerce, retail & public sector

AI Use Case for healthcare, finance, insurance, eCommerce, retail & public sector

AI Feasibility for healthcare, finance, insurance, eCommerce. retail & public sector

Tools & Templates

Personalised Medicine AI Use Case

Clinical Decision Support AI Use Case

Predictive Analytics in Healthcare AI Use Case

Medical Imaging AI Use Case

Healthcare Diagnosis AI Use Case

Virtual Assistance in Healthcare Use Case