Identify optimal AI solutions and use cases to simplify the operations of AI delivery

-Why design AI solutions and use case-

Solve the 'right' Problem & drive long-term value

Companies often lack an understanding of AI and underestimate business challenges or struggle to define and prioritise appropriate use cases for AI. Hence, copying existing use cases from other organisations results in practical implementation hurdles such as scalability issues, managerial problems, product-market fit and maintenance issues. Every organisation is unique with its business complexities, people, process, capabilities, context, data, system and policy. Strong expertise and research are needed to identify and prioritise AI use cases to determine the functional requirements for building the BlackBox and interweaving data and machine learning algorithms for successful AI delivery.

“Don’t waste time on AI for AI’s sake. Be motivated by what it will do for you, not by how sci-fi it sounds.” Cassie Kozyrkov, Chief Decision Scientist at Google

_How does it work_

Get your AI Use Case in 20 days

1. Initial Assessment

Understand your vision, problems, requirements & goals

2. Exploration Studies

Conduct various studies to gain services & process insights

3. Analyse Data & System

Explore data quality, access issues & IT infrastructure

4. AI Solution Design & Use Case

Risks, challenges, policy, high-level architecture & requirements 

Whether you are new to AI/ ML or trying to get started, let's discuss your requirements 

AI Use Case benefits

- Identify problems and AI opportunities
- Visualise the complexity of the systems
- Decompose system scope into primary functions and goals
- Understand issues, processes, user experience and challenges
- Gather functional requirements, data requirements and system specifications
- Project plan and high level architecture
- Monitor and accelerate AI delivery

-Unlock the value of your data and scale with AI-

Our AI consultants will produce tailored AI solutions design for your business

AI Healthcare Solutions 

Clinical analytics, early medical diagnosis, patient outcomes measurement, clinical decision support systems, treatment management, hospital administration, remote patient monitoring, Telemedicine and other AI healthcare solutions. 

AI Banking & Finance Solutions 

Fraud detection system, financial risk management, sales forecasting system, financial reporting software, mobile banking system, personal finance, payment systems, wealth management and other AI banking and fintech solutions.

AI Insurance Solutions 

Payment processing systems, insurance quoting system. mobile insurance application, claims management solution, commission management, insurance document or policy management, inspection tracker, and similar AI insurtech solutions.

AI Public sector Solutions 

Business process optimisation, document management, customer support, business intelligence and data analytics, and other AI solutions.  

AI Real estate Solutions 

Property management, property forecasting, rental management, business process automation and other AI realtech solutions.

AI Retail & Consumer Services 

Sales forecasting, marketing management, personalise customer experience, customer sentiment analysis and other AI retail solutions.

-Accelerate AI Use Case development-

Access AI Healthcare Use Case Guidance, Tools & Templates for Free

Personalised Medicine

Find out templates and guidance for Personalised medicine business and use case development.

AI Clinical Decision Support System

Discover the guidance, challenges, risks and tips for developing AI Clinical Decision Support business & use case.

Predictive Analytics in Healthcare

Use the template and guidance to developing use case using predictive analytics in healthcare.

Medical imaging

Learn from real-world examples and challenges as to how you can create high-val use case for AI image analysis.

AI in Healthcare Diagnosis

Get frameworks & approach to see how to develop use case for diagnosing infectious diseases.

Healthcare Virtual Assistance 

See how to develop use case for AI-powered chatbots in healthcare.

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Personalised Medicine AI Use Case

Clinical Decision Support AI Use Case

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Medical Imaging AI Use Case

Healthcare Diagnosis AI Use Case

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