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AI solutions don't have to be complex or expensive if you get your business case, strategy & use case right.

Esdha is an artificial intelligence consulting service/ advisory that provides systematic, research-based guidance, tools and training to help you understand your business complexities, data, risks and challenges to determine the right AI opportunity, formulate ideas into custom AI solutions and use cases for your business before investing in AI/ ML. 

Identify AI Opportunities

Build AI Business case

Achieve Strategic Alignment with AI

Accelerate AI Transformation

_The need for Artificial Intelligence Strategy, Business Case and Use Case consulting service_

70-80% of AI projects in the UK fail

Many businesses start AI with a ‘technology-driven’ or ‘data-driven’ mindset leading to organisation-related and technology-related failures. Most of the organisation-related failures are due to:

  1. Lack of understanding of business complexity
  2. Failure to integrate AI strategy with the overall corporate strategy
  3. Poor AI plan resulting in changing requirements and increasing costs 
  4. Not solving the right problem leading to misalignment or lack of product-market fit  
  5. Lack of AI capability in the business

"When asked about top barriers to AI, UK enterprises cited finding use cases and defining strategy, security/privacy, risks and integration complexity. Nearly two of three organizations cited finding a starting point as a concern." Gartner

So, how can we overcome AI barriers? Align AI strategy? Identify user cases? Demonstrate costs and ROI? Stop misalignment and achieve product-market fit and improve AI capability?

Organisations need to stop chasing artificial intelligence using a tech-driven or data-driven approach and start looking at AI as a multifaceted business and technological transformation. Businesses need to start embracing AI using systematic, research-based, holistic approaches to seamlessly integrate artificial intelligence into business strategy, digital transformation, competitive differentiation, operations, business process, organisational structure and infrastructure. Otherwise, organisations will have difficulty in scaling artificial intelligence solutions across their organisations or end up spending huge cost in endless cycles of experimentation.

Esdha AI consulting service redefines AI innovation and digital transformation to de-risk common failures using systematic, research-based tools, guidance and training by studying use cases and best practices.

_Esdha's artificial intelligence consultancy service helps you to scale your business with AI_

Start your artificial intelligence journey with confidence to unlock your data challenges and understand how AI strategy can be used to add value to your business in 12 weeks


_Our expert AI consultants help you to de-risk common AI failures seen in UK businesses_

Our AI consulting service is tailored to help you in your early stages of AI to achieve your goals

Does AI add any value to my business? 

Our AI consulting service will help you to demystify business complexities and data challenges to understand ROI for successful AI transformation  

Our consultants provide in-depth analysis to understand the business ecosystem and data to provide you with AI strategy, business case, cost-benefit analysis and roadmap for AI digital transformation.  More info...

Want to assess/ identify AI use cases for your business? 

Our artificial intelligence consulting helps UK businesses to identify and design AI solutions & high-value use cases to improve business process

Every company is different. An AI solution for one business may not be applicable to another business. We work with your team to review your goals and ideas by taking a deep dive into your customer experiences, processes, data and infrastructure to understand the big picture and provide AI solutions tailored to solve your business challenges.  More info...

Is the AI Solution/ use case feasible for my business?

Our AI consulting service will help you to verify if AI is worth your investment  

We provide proof of concept (PoC) to innovate, design, prototype, and test AI solutions and use cases with sample data sets to mitigate your risk of failure and build trust. More info...

How to provide AI training for my managers and leaders?

Our AI consulting service will help you to simplify AI management by empowering your workforce

We provide customised training and workshops to demystify artificial intelligence, evaluate business opportunities, requirements and support for organisations on an AI journey with real-world case studies, research evidence and best practices. 

Are there any free AI tools for AI use case development?

Our AI consultants will help you to glorify your efforts using the right tools and guidance to accelerate innovation

We provide free research-based tools and AI best practices to help you accelerate AI transformation and innovation.

_Whether you are new to AI or in your early stages of AI_

Getting started on a custom AI strategy and can be difficult and confusing. We guide you through each step hands-on to unlock your data challenges and identify the right opportunities to accelerate AI innovation and transformation

Write to us to get answers, research-based guidance and free tools to simplify your artificial intelligence transformation and amplify results  

Message us a brief description of your vision and requirements. We will review your request and get back to you within one business day for a FREE consultation. By submitting this form, you agree to the Privacy, Policy, and Terms & Conditions to receive communications from Esdha.



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